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Exhibition, meeting and exchanges with one of Myanmar's most famous, internationally recognized artists : Htein LinApril 7 >> May 28

Htein Lin is a Burmese artist (painting, installation, performance) and writer, and has also been a comedian and actor.

Born in 1966 in Ingapu, he was active in the 1988 student movement at Rangoon University where he studied law.  Going underground after the military takeover, he spent almost four years in a refugee camp on the Indian border, where he studied art with  Mandalay artist Sitt Nyein Aye, and in a student rebel camp at Pajau on the Chinese border. In Pajau, he was detained for around 9 months and suffered physical abuse.Escaping and returning to Yangon in May 1992, he finished a law degree in 1995 before taking up work as a film actor.  He held two solo shows in 1996 and 1997.  Arrested in 1998 and jailed on spurious accusations of opposition activity, he spent almost seven years in jail (1998-2004).  During this time he developed his artistic practice, using items available to him like bowls and cigarette lighters in the absence of brushes to make paintings and monoprints on the cotton prison uniform.

Htein Lin pioneered performance art in Burma in 1996 and continued to perform for fellow inmates while in prison. During the period 2006-2011 he also performed in the UK and Thailand, at the US Library of Congress and at festivals and events in Finland, France, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, and Bangladesh.  Many of his performances are intended to raise awareness of the political situation in Burma. Since leaving Burma for the first time in 2006, Htein Lin regularly participates in exhibitions and art festivals globally, as well as events and projects to promote freedom of speech in Burma. He is a founding member of a Burmese language arts website to which he contributes poetry, prose,  and artistic criticism.  In 2010, he curated the first Burmese Arts Festival in London.

Htein Lin is an inescapable figure of the artistic scene of Yangon.