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Horses make a lot of fuss

October 28th > December 31st

For the end of 2022, the Retour De Voyage Art Gallery @ La Maison Sur La Sorgue exhibits artists Alfons Alt and Pierre Sgamma.

This exhibition entitled "The horses make their circus" is a walk out of time to find with wonder your eyes of child. The encounter of the daring worlds of Alfons Alt and Pierre Sgamma is a matter of magic.

Alfons Alt plunges us into a dreamlike and mystical spectacle, populated by animals and mythologies captured during a show by Bartabas. At the border of painting, photography and engraving, the pigmented altotypes are a high-flying number.

Full of poetry and sensitivity, ceramist Pierre Sgamma delivers a vision of the free horse marked by a gentle madness. It gives matter to the sublime and the grotesque, fed by tales and legends. He takes us on his creative ride, from his drawings to his sculptures.