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near Avignon

Luxury Hotel near Avignon


Avignon is a must-see town in the South of France. It is often called "la cité des Papes", by the presence of the Palace of the Popes, and was for a long time the Vatican in Provence. 7 Popes and 2 anti-popes have stayed in this house, offering a cultural influence to the province of Avignon.

At the mouth of the Durance and the Rhone, Avignon impresses with its medieval ramparts and its beautifully preserved historic center.

Another symbol of the city: the Pont Saint-Bénezet former border post of the Pontifical State! Commonly called the Pont D'Avignon. He is often immortalized in the artistic representations of the city of Avignon.

Daughter of the Rhone, Avignon also draws much of its charm from the largest river in Europe. You will be able, from the city of the Popes, to discover this river and its many treasures: the confluence of the Durance, the palace of the Popes, the rocks of the Doms, the arm of Villeneuve Avignon, the vineyards ...